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Napton Environmental Action Team

It’s NEAT News for residents of Napton who are being better informed about what’s happening to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss thanks to their Green Shoots funded publication.

The funding enables the Napton Environmental Action Team (NEAT) to publish a series of newsletters, NEAT News, which aims to report more positive news stories about what is happening to tackle climate change and the loss of natural habitats and biodiversity, which are less likely to have been reported in the mainstream media.

The core aims of the NEAT News are:

  • To inform residents about key issues relating to climate change, biodiversity and habitat loss;
  • To showcase examples of good practice both locally and further afield around the issues; and
  • To inspire behavioural change towards more sustainable living and help people to adapt constructively to a changing world.

Speaking on behalf of the NEAT News project, Jonathan Horsfield, said: “Our world is changing fast.  The implications could be huge for us all - for adults, children and for how we work and earn a living.  These are not fully understood – but the evidence is overwhelmingly accepted.

“NEAT News aims to show that action is taking place even if, for many, this is by no means fast enough. It is deeply important that families, communities, and businesses better understand and begin to mitigate and adapt to the challenges.

“It is our hope that NEAT News will, in some small way, alert more residents and businesses to the reality that things can change for the better.  The changes they make do add up and will count towards keeping the earth’s temperature down and recreating the biologically diverse environment that we, as humans, depend upon.”