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Engagement, partnership and communications

Engagement and partnership are central to how we will deliver our Sustainable Futures Strategy.  

The actions that will have the biggest impact on enhancing biodiversity, reducing emissions in Warwickshire and providing equity across our communities are not always within the gift of the County Council to enact. Many of them will be the responsibility of the District and Borough Councils, Town and Parish Councils, Central Government, other public service providers or with businesses, landowners and residents.  

This means that, alongside taking our own actions, we also have a role to engage and strengthen partnership working between the local councils, wider public sector, the NHS, the West Midlands Combined Authority and with Central Government.  

Following on from the Coventry and Warwickshire Climate Conference in March 2022, we have set up a Warwickshire Public Sector Net Zero Group. This group is a space for all of Warwickshire’s public sector organisations to share best practice, collaborate to realise efficiencies, and build a sense of common ownership and shared responsibility, helping to turn the challenge into practicable, deliverable activities.  

We also have a role to support and coordinate efforts with our businesses, residents and local climate and community groups, encouraging and enabling behaviour change.

Our communications plan exists to

  • Report on our actions to reduce carbon emissions and our progress against our Sustainable Futures Strategy objectives 
  • Raise awareness with Warwickshire residents and businesses of the opportunities and threats brought about by climate change 
  • Encourage residents and businesses to adapt behaviours that will mitigate against the impacts of climate change. 
  • Keep our staff informed and engaged with our climate change ambitions. 

We do this through

  • Regular updates on this website 
  • Campaigns shared through our corporate social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook 
  • Monthly climate change newsletters
  • A Sustainable Warwickshire podcast (due to launch in January 2023). 
  • Facilitating an internal Climate Action Group, which has over 100 staff members, to discuss key issues and take action within their service areas 
  • Weekly climate change and biodiversity news shared through our internal newsletter Working for Warwickshire.