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Warwickshire County Council's Energy Strategy

Warwickshire County Council’s Energy Strategy

The cover of the Warwickshire Energy Strategy document (illustrative only)

In 2023 Warwickshire County Council’s (WCC) Cabinet approved the establishment of a WCC Energy Strategy (PDF, 662 KB).

This Strategy, developed alongside our Sustainable Futures Strategy, sets out our approach to sustainable energy management for the future and how we will reduce, use, generate and measure our own energy requirements. An associated Delivery Plan has also been created which identifies specific actions we will be taking to achieve our targets. 

The Strategy includes four main policy areas: 

  • Energy saving 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Renewables and lower carbon generation 
  • Offsetting

Energy Reporting

We monitor the use of energy across our estate including offices, fire stations, libraries, museums, depots, household waste recycling centres, business unit communal areas and country parks.

We use an energy reporting system to quantify and report on the amount of energy that we use and carbon dioxide emissions in our property. For information on this, and copies of annual energy reports, visit the WCC website.