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Climate change adaptation key themes

Climate change adaptation means altering our approach to protect our communities from the impacts of climate change.

For Warwickshire County Council, our adaptation plans cover four key areas:

Infrastructure, places and people:

  • Adapting transport systems to support a resilient economy
  • Supporting the development of a resilient energy and water supply
  • Lead on placemaking for urban climate adaptation
  • Supporting the development of adaptable work environments and buildings that can cope with extreme weather

Water, land and biodiversity:

  • Integrating adaptation into WCC’s biodiversity programme
  • Developing a flood risk management programme
  • Supporting development of resilient agricultural systems

Including climate change into emergency planning and response:

  • Integrating knowledge of climate change into emergency planning and risk assessment for extreme weather and other risks
  • Improved communication of weather warnings and forecasts
  • Supporting community-based emergency planning and adaptation

Building resilience into Council operations:

  • Mainstreaming climate change resilience in policy development and project planning
  • Embedding climate change risks into risk assessment processes across all council operations
  • Develop and share knowledge, resources and data with internal and external stakeholders
  • Take a strategic lead in climate change adaptation across Warwickshire.